With an experienced leadership team and a proven business model that sets up our franchisees for success, Del Taco is poised to combine your passion and expertise with a brand on the move. We are expanding rapidly across the country, with exclusive development territories available throughout the U.S. for qualified candidates.


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  • Markets immediately available for development
  • Del Taco currently operates in these states and is seeking additional growth
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Del Taco offers exclusive franchise development territories throughout the United States.

We are not taking applications for Southern California or for International Development.


Incentive Programs offering reduced fees are available

Market-Specific Growth Incentive Program

Due to the strong demand from new and existing franchisees to expand with Del Taco beyond current markets, Del Taco started an enhanced franchise growth incentive program in 2017, geared specifically toward multi-unit operators looking to expand their portfolio with a winning brand. The program applies to eligible franchisees who commit to opening a minimum of five Del Taco restaurants in a new market within a specified time frame. Designed to attract franchisees with an appetite for multi-unit expansion, the incentives include discounted initial franchise fees and offers reduced royalties for up to three years, driving unit level profitability early on in the initial entrance phase of development in a new market. Contact us to learn more.


Market & Demographic Criteria

From high school seniors to senior citizens, Del Taco has broad appeal in communities with these characteristics:

  • POPULATION: 35,000+ residential population with 10,000+ daytime population in primary trade area
  • MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME: $40,000 – $100,000
  • AGE GROUPS: Prefer areas with higher concentrations of 18 – 49 year olds
  • ETHNICITY: Menu appeals to broad consumer audience
  • TRAFFIC: Minimum 25,000+ cars per day at intersection

Real Estate & Development Support

Our in-house real estate, construction, and design teams provide franchisees with the support and services they need to open new restaurants; from market analysis and site selection to vendor contacts and construction plans.

Del Taco food items