The taste of franchisee success

Del Taco is expanding across the country and looking for bold entrepreneurs. Many of our current franchisees decided to invest in Del Taco because they were frustrated with the corporate world and wanted to be in control of their future and build a legacy business for their children. Some of our franchisees wanted to diversify their existing investments such as hotels, c-stores, real estate or other food brands to include the growing, fresh Del Taco brand. Others were discouraged because they could not expand with their current business in the territory they wanted or could not secure an exclusive development territory so they joined Del Taco.

Learn more about some of our successful Del Taco entrepreneurs.

Rod Carstensen

Rod owns and operates 11 restaurants in Colorado, which are located throughout Denver and Colorado Springs. Rod recently received Del Taco's Top Taco award for the most outstanding franchisee of the year and Developer of the year.

Mike Hansberger

Growing up, Del Taco was Mike's favorite restaurant. He enjoyed the great food and friendly environment. Today he owns four Del Taco restaurants in Southern California and two in Florida and takes pride in continuing that tradition of quality food and friendliness.

Nachhattar Chandi

Nachhattar moved from Uttar Pradesh, India to Indio, California in 1991 in search of new opportunities. Twenty-three years later, he owns and operates three Del Taco restaurants, 17 ARCO am/pm franchises and six car washes. Chandi is living the American dream he set out to find and is reaching out to others with similar aspirations, helping them realize the same success of owning their own business.

Brent Veach

Brent owns and operates 31 Del Taco restaurants. He is the largest franchisee in the greater Phoenix area and has recently acquired more Del Taco restaurants throughout Colorado. His restaurants are actively involved in the community supporting local school reading programs.