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3 Ways Del Taco Corporate’s Leadership and Experience Bolster the Success of its Franchise Partners

There are plenty of strong differentiators that make Del Taco a competitive franchise opportunity in the quick-service restaurant industry, including its compelling QSR+ proposition. However, one of the more unique aspects of its franchise-driven system is the ownership, experience and support of the brand’s corporate team.

With 55% of the brand’s restaurants being company owned, Del Taco corporate is just as invested as its franchise partners in running profitable restaurants. Del Taco’s motto is “One Team, One Voice, Trusted Partners” and understands that it’s in it together with its franchise partners, who can be assured that Del Taco corporation is committed to both growing a restaurant’s top line sales and then flowing those incremental dollars to the bottom line profit. Here are a few more ways franchise partners can benefit from the brand’s corporate-to-franchise ownership ratio.

Strong support of an experienced leadership team

Del Taco presents a seasoned and solid franchise system that’s led by an experienced executive team. And again, with a majority of its stores corporately owned, Del Taco management better understands what its franchise partners face every day in the business.

Combined with a long history of business success and a proven business model, the corporate team leads by example to ensure franchise partners are equipped with the resources necessary to effectively establish, manage and grow their business.

Corporate test kitchens ensure greater success

Del Taco is booming, with company average unit sales reaching $1,511,379 and growing*. Franchise partners are seeing consistent returns thanks to Del Taco’s focused barbell menu strategy and innovation, which help drive significant traffic.

The best part is, the corporate test kitchen and Innovation & Quality Center work hard on new and exciting products and partnerships, such as with Beyond Meat, which help to better ensure the launch of new items and ongoing success of its menu innovation.

“With Del Taco’s ongoing menu innovation and value, franchise partners can be confident in their investment, knowing that the company has their best interest at heart,” says Paul Hitzelberger, a Utah owner operator with more than 30 open units.

An exclusive franchise opportunity in the QSR+ category

For more than 50 years, Del Taco has been serving a rare combination of freshly prepared and craveable food at an unbeatable value. This formula has positioned Del Taco as one of the leading brands in the fast-growing Mexican QSR category, winning over the hearts of an incredibly loyal fan base across the western United States and beyond.

It’s no question that Del Taco presents a strong and exclusive franchise opportunity for passionate multi-unit restaurant operators. Occupying a unique space between a traditional QSR and a Fast Casual atmosphere (referred as QSR+), Del Taco is poised for exponential growth with franchise partners who are carefully selected to join such an exclusive and exciting brand.

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*Figures reflect the average sales and operating figures of all freestanding company-operated Del Taco restaurants that have been in operation for at least one year. At the end of our most recent fiscal year ended January 1, 2019, we had a total of 322 company-owned restaurants. Of those, 319 constitute freestanding restaurants and 295 of which we have operated for more than one year. In fiscal year 2018, of the 295 restaurants, 143 restaurants (48%) had sales in excess of the $1,511,379 average and 148 restaurants (50%) had operating profit before rent and real estate taxes in excess of the $415,493 average. The company-owned Del Taco restaurants operate in Arizona (3), California (238), Georgia (6), Nevada (44) and Oklahoma (4). A new franchisee’s results may differ from the represented performance. There is no assurance that you will do as well and you must accept that risk.