Franchise News

Del Taco Defers Franchise Royalty and Marketing Fees, Supports Community Through Drive-Thru and Free Delivery

To help its franchisees and fans affected by the impact of COVID-19, Del Taco has announced two modes of financial relief and continues to provide value through drive-thru and free delivery. Learn more about how Del Taco is working to help its franchise community navigate these unprecedented times.

Franchise Support and Assistance

In this time of need, Del Taco has allowed its franchisees to defer royalty payments, waived marketing fees and is closely supporting their efforts to rework obligations on rent and tax, while also providing them as much assistance as possible to help secure loans under the government stimulus programs.

Community Support

Stores across the country are continuing to support hundreds of communities by serving tacos, burritos and more through the drive-thru, take-out, delivery and third-party aggregators. Franchisees, employees and fans alike can count on Del Taco the franchise works to drive sales and offer fresh, affordable meals.

Del’s Dollar Deals Menu

Del’s Dollar Deals Menu provides unmatched value to loyal customers during these difficult financial times. The menu, containing a mix of 15 new and classic menu items, replaced the Buck & Under Menu in late January and is designed to give consumers more innovative flavors at a better value.

The rebranded menu focuses more on items that are protein heavy and full of flavor, with new additions including the Chicken Crunch Burrito and a personal-size 3 Layer Queso Nachos. With a relentless focus on menu innovation and serving fresh food at an incredible value, Del’s Dollar Deals doubles down by offering the most options, the freshest choices and the lowest prices.

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