$1,459,541 Average Unit Sales

Del Taco Continues strong growth trend

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"With Del Taco's ongoing menu innovation and value, franchisees can be confident in their investment, knowing that the company has their best interest at heart."

Paul Hitzelberger - 31+ Unit Owner/Operator in Utah

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"I only wish I had become a franchisee sooner. There's never been a better time to be a part of this brand."

Paul Hitzelberger - Franchisee since 2001

"Del Taco's leadership team is incredibly strong. They're guided by data-driven decisions that have measurable results for the brand."

Brent Veach - Franchisee since 1999

"We have seen double-digit-growth year-over-year with our locations. And when you look at the brand as a whole, that is a trend we are optimistic and confident will continue for the years to come."

Mark Miller - Franchisee since 2009

"Out of the many brands that I operate, this is one that I can confidently say is going to stay in my portfolio for a very long time."

Jerry Bajwa - Franchisee since 2016