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Del Taco Available Markets 3 6 2024

Where's Del Taco Growing?

Use the map below to receive a visual representation of where Del Taco is focused on franchise growth.


Del Taco Available Markets 3 6 2024


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The Numbers

Get to know our brand with some numbers behind one of the most exciting taco franchises in the QSR Industry.


Del Taco Locations


Different States


Years in Business


Preferred Site Criteria

Del Taco has a variety of land, demographics, and site criteria we look for when selecting a location.

Land Size

+25,000 Square Feet

Building Size

+1,200 Square Feet


+25,000 (2 Mile)


+10,000 (2 Mile)

Household Income

Average $65,000

Traffic Counts

+25,000 Daily


Market-Specific Growth Incentives

Del Taco offers an incentive for multi-unit franchisees who choose to sign up for three or more stores under our Development Incentive Program.


Designed to attract franchisees with an appetite for multi-unit expansion, our incentive reduces royalties to drive unit level profitability early on in the initial entrance phase of development in a new market.

  • Year 1: 1% Royalty Fee
  • Year 2: 2% Royalty Fee
  • Year 3: 3% Royalty Fee
  • Year 4: 4% Royalty Fee
  • Thereafter: 5% Royalty Fee
3 taco image Del Taco

Real Estate Support

Our in-house real estate, construction, and design teams provide franchisees with the support and services they need to open new restaurants; from market analysis and site selection to vendor contacts and construction plans. Other benefits provided to our franchisees include:

  • Established Broker Relationships
  • Sample Leases & Purchase Documents
  • Real Estate Planning Software
  • Local Demographics Information
  • Competitive Sales Data
  • Mobile Tracking Data

Venue Types

At Del Taco, our flexible construction plan allows us to build locations in a wide variety of traditional & non-traditional venues including...

  • Free-Standing
  • Endcaps
  • Co-Development
  • Convenience Stores (C-Stores)
  • Travel Plazas
  • Airports
  • Stadiums
  • College Campuses
  • Military Bases
  • And Much More

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Del Taco offers exclusive franchise development territories throughout the United States.

We are NOT taking applications for Southern California or International Development.

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