$1,522,177 average unit sales


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"With Del Taco's ongoing menu innovation and value, franchisees can be confident in their investment, knowing that the company has their best interest at heart."

Paul Hitzelberger ‐ Utah owner/operator, 32+ units

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Paul Hitzelberger

"I only wish I had become a franchisee sooner. There's never been a better time to be a part of this brand."

Paul Hitzelberger Franchisee since 2001

Brent Veach

"Del Taco's leadership team is incredibly strong. They're guided by data-driven decisions that have measurable results for the brand."

Brent Veach Franchisee since 1999

"With strong year-over-year store sales growth, our group believes we are not even close to the number of locations we can own and operate."

Mark Miller Franchisee since 2009

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*Figures reflect the average sales and operating figures of all freestanding company-operated Del Taco restaurants that have been in operation for at least one year. At the end of our most recent fiscal year ended December 28, 2021, we had a total of 294 company-owned restaurants. Of those, 287 constitute freestanding restaurants, and 282 of them have operated for more than one year. In fiscal year 2021, of the 282 restaurants, 133 restaurants (47%) had sales in excess of the $1,622,531 average

**Figures are for freestanding franchisee-owned restaurants. In FY 2013, 101 or 44% had average sales ≥ $1,075,499; in FY 2014, 95 or 43% had average sales ≥ $1,145,937; in FY 2015, 97 or 43% had average sales ≥ $1,222,865; in FY 2016, 95 or 43% had average sales ≥ $1,316,732; in FY 2017, 98 or 44% had average sales ≥ $1,350,566; in FY 2018, 100 or 44% had average sales ≥ $1,404,461; in FY 2019, 99 or 43% had average sales ≥ $1,414,604; in FY 2020, 112 or 42% had average sales ≥ $1,407,877 and in FY 2021, 118 or 43% had average sales ≥ $1,536,948. See Item 19 of our March 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document for more information. There is no assurance that you will do as well, a new franchisee’s results may differ from the represented results.