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At Del Taco, we've noticed there's a wide range of reasons hotel owners decide to invest in our brand. Watch this short video or scroll down to find a few of the most common reasons to own a Del Taco Franchise.


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Fresh Ingredients

Fresh tastes better. Our menu starts and ends with fresh ingredients. 

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Voted the #1 Taco

The Del Taco was named the Best Fast Food Taco by Thrillist.

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#2 Mexican Concept

We are the second largest Mexican QSR concept in the United States.*

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Sales Growth

9 consecutive years of Total Franchise Same Stores Sales Growth*

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Market Experience

Proven performance and demand in new markets supported with an omni channel marketing approach.

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Grow Your Income

Take advantage of an opportunity to grow your wealth with a QSR brand on the rise.

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Positioned for continual growth with a compelling QSR+ proposition that resonates with consumers.

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World-Class Support

Franchisees receive initial and ongoing training from our seasoned staff members.

Del Taco Franchise You've Been Dreaming Of


The Taco Franchise You've Been Dreaming Of

Freshly prepared, craveable food at an unbeatable value!

For more than 55 years, Del Taco has been serving freshly prepared, craveable food at an unbeatable value. This rare combination is one of the many reasons that we are one of the leading brands in the fast-growing Mexican quick-service restaurant (QSR) category.


A Taco Franchise Built on Fresh

Del Taco has the unique ability to deliver QSR speed and convenience with value and affordability under the same roof as our freshly prepared ingredients.

Del Taco Fresh Ingredients Fresh House Grated Cheddar Cheese Slow Cooked Beans Pico De Gallo Guacamole


The Numbers

Get to know Del Taco with some numbers behind our better taco franchise.


Del Taco Restaurants


Average Unit Volume**


Years in Business


States Del Taco Operates In

See Investment Breakdown


9 Years of Same Store Sales Growth

Del Taco has seen 9 consecutive years of Total Franchise Same Store Sales Growth.* We've solidified our position as the #2 Mexican QSR by offering fresh products for an unbeatable value to our customers. 

Del Taco Franchised Restaurant Same Store Sales Website Large Numbers Green


Del Taco Fresh Flex Store Design

Whether you're looking to add a Del Taco on an adjacent parcel to your hotel or on property - our bold, new prototype holistically reconceptualizes our restaurants so you can provide fresh menu options to your guests & local community with speed and convenience.

The Fresh Flex design's striking exteriors and distinctive interiors evoke a contemporary feel, while lowering net investment costs, improving real estate flexibility, and providing ultimate convenience for guests and operators.

With innovative additions like third-party pick-up stations and double drive-thru lanes with a dedicated lane for mobile orders and delivery pickups, the future-focused model optimizes operational efficiencies and caters to modern consumer expectations like accessibility, speed of service, and brand transparency.




Multi-Unit Growth Incentives

Reduced Royalty Payments

Designed to attract hotel operators with an appetite for multi-unit expansion, our incentive reduces royalties to drive unit level profitability early on in the initial entrance phase of development in a new market.

  • Year 1: 1% Royalty Fee
  • Year 2: 2% Royalty Fee
  • Year 3: 3% Royalty Fee
  • Year 4: 4% Royalty Fee
  • Thereafter: 5% Royalty Fee


Costs, Fees, and Investment Facts
  • Estimated Initial Investment: $812,700 - $2,467,500
  • Minimum Liquidity: $500,000+***
  • Minimum Net Worth: $1.0MM+ ***
  • Franchise Fee: $35,000
  • Royalty Fee: 5% of net sales
  • Advertising Fee: 4% of net sales

*Will Vary By Commitment


Del Taco Available Territories

Where is Del Taco Growing?

Available Markets

Future Growth Opportunity

Sold Out

Find Your Market


Del Taco Site Requirements

We have broad appeal in communities with these characteristics:
  • Population: 35,000+ residential population with 10,000+ daytime population
  • Median Household Income: $40,000 – $100,000
  • Age Groups: Prefer areas with higher concentrations of 18 – 49 year-olds
  • Ethnicity: Menu appeals to broad consumer audience
  • Traffic: Minimum 25,000+ cars per day at intersection
The Del Taco Fasties Best Fast Food Taco Winner

Our Ideal Candidate


We are looking for a special kind of franchisee — one who wants to be part of our iconic brand and invest in growth! The ideal candidate or investment group will:

  • Be Well-Capitalized
  • Have Strong Business Acumen
  • Have Knowledge of the Local Real Estate Market
  • Have an Understanding of Development
  • Have Passion for their Local Community
  • Be Willing to Follow Our System

Defining the QSR+ Category

What's the Definition of QSR+?

Del Taco occupies the space between a traditional QSR and a Fast Casual atmosphere, by offering delicious quality food, prepared with fresh ingredients, and served with the value and convenience of a drive-thru. We're at the forefront of the QSR+ category.

Guests love Del Taco's Mexican-inspired favorites and American classics, prepared with fresh ingredients, hand-chopped, slow-cooked, and grilled in each restaurant's working kitchen. As much as our customers love our food, they also appreciate the convenience our restaurants and drive-thru lanes provide for their busy lives.

Del Taco Defining the QSR+ Category

Frequently Asked Questions


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*Table 19-3 Presented below are the same store sales growth/contraction for all franchised Del Taco restaurants that had been operating for at least 18 months, as of the end of each of the 2013 to 2021 fiscal years. The figures compare the same store sales of all franchised Del Taco restaurants reported for the fiscal year against that reported by all franchised Del Taco restaurants for the immediately preceding fiscal year. During the fiscal years surveyed, no freestanding franchised restaurants closed after being open less than 12 months. “Total Franchise” means franchise same store sales growth for each year. Del Taco LLC Franchise Disclosure Document | 2022

**Figures reflect the average sales and operating figures of all freestanding company-operated Del Taco restaurants that have been in operation for at least one year. At the end of our most recent fiscal year ended December 28, 2021, we had a total of 294 company-owned restaurants. Of those, 287 constitute freestanding restaurants, and 282 of them have operated for more than one year. In fiscal year 2021, of the 282 restaurants, 133 restaurants (47%) had sales in excess of the $1,622,531 average

***Figures are for freestanding franchisee-owned restaurants. In FY 2013, 101 or 44% had average sales ≥ $1,075,499; in FY 2014, 95 or 43% had average sales ≥ $1,145,937; in FY 2015, 97 or 43% had average sales ≥ $1,222,865; in FY 2016, 95 or 43% had average sales ≥ $1,316,732; in FY 2017, 98 or 44% had average sales ≥ $1,350,566; in FY 2018, 100 or 44% had average sales ≥ $1,404,461; in FY 2019, 99 or 43% had average sales ≥ $1,414,604; in FY 2020, 112 or 42% had average sales ≥ $1,407,877 and in FY 2021, 118 or 43% had average sales ≥ $1,536,948. See Item 19 of our March 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document for more information. There is no assurance that you will do as well, a new franchisee’s results may differ from the represented results.

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